Follow These Tips to Increase your Refrigerator Life

Inefficient refrigerators will increase your power bills drastically. Maintaining the refrigerator with 100% efficiency is not an easy task and here are some tips to help you in this regard. 

1. If you take your time to glance through all the items in the refrigerator which indirectly means you open the fridge door for longer periods of time, you are indirectly putting pressure on the refrigerator compressor. Of course, you will close the door but make it quick. This will surely decrease your power bills. Refrigerator Repair Help

2. Don’t try your own hand at refrigerator repair. Even a small mistake can cause lot of damage to your refrigerator and never search for DIY tutorials. Depending on the services of experienced and reputed personnel from the reliable companies like Sub-zero Repair is 100% worth.

3. Bigger and expensive refrigerators aren’t a status symbol. If your family needs are small, prefer a small refrigerator. You really do not need a fridge that can meet the requirements of your neighbors also.

4. Do not let the frost walls in the freezer unit to be thickened by more than 1cm. Do not forget to defrost manually, if your unit needs to be manually defrosted.

5. Clean the metal coils that are responsible for getting rid of heat from the compressor.

6. Covering the food items will not only keep them fresh but also helps in decreasing the overall moisture levels inside the fridge.

7. Make sure that the fridge always works at optimum temperatures. One of the experts from Sub-zero Repairs told me to maintain food compartment at 35F and freezer at 5F for better efficiency.

8. Fridge seals should be in perfect condition. A small leak or damaged door will let the hot air from the room inside the fridge and the compressor need to work hard to cool the be careful. Refrigerator Repair Company